What is farmhouse style décor and why is it so popular?

Farmhouse chic

The modern farmhouse look is a fresh take on what we would historically call classic country style.  What’s interesting about this style is that it’s more than just color and décor.  Rather, it’s a lifestyle and way of life that often includes living more naturally (e.g. organic food, less waste, farm to table) and being more frugal and savvy.  Those that love farmhouse décor often love to repurpose and upcycle furniture and other items, and they often enjoy DIY projects.

It’s actually a blend of modern and casual.  So you will see lots of soft muted colors and textures mixed with contemporary patterns and finishes.  Spaces are light, airy and inviting.  They communicate an open and laid back feeling.

The guiding mentality encourages us to connect with our roots, focus on family and friends, live within our means and to recognize the beauty in nature and the world around us.

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