Give your bedroom a modern farmhouse makeover

You can turn inexpensive, antique furniture into a unique and chic piece of art, that reflects your personality and style! Your bedroom should be a space where you truly feel like yourself. Your bedroom is a place of comfort, relaxation and mindfulness. It’s the one place where self expression should be for you. If you share a bedroom with another person, it’s important to incorporate things you both love.

When choosing décor, you want to stay away from generic designs that don’t bring you joy. Everything in your home, not just your bedroom, should either bring you joy or serve a functional purpose. Otherwise, why is it there?

The BruPoppy Farm can help bring your vision to life. If your inspired by the Farmhouse look.. you came to the right place! Imagine turning your basic, boring furniture into a masterpiece! Juts like this chest of drawers!

Not sure what you want? Let us consult with you. we can pick your brain and turn anything in your home into something “magical”.

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